Charms Talent Agency are a locally owned talent agency right here in Baltimore, looking to expose Charm City’s talent!! No matter if your talent is acting, singing, designing, modeling, rapping or dancing. We are all about Charm City's love for artists.

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You wake up every day with a ton of ideas of how to pursue your career and live your dreams. Some of these ideas are obtainable & doable; but others, not so much. But, I’m pretty sure all of the ideas revolve directly around you as an artist; actions that would tend to, let’s say, be to the greatest advantage to your development and marketing. But if you don’t have key resources, some tasks will prove difficult to execute. As an artist you still have to live & maybe you cannot dedicate yourself fully and your entire day to pursuing your dream.  So you think. J Some artists are full-time parents, students, employees & entrepreneurs, or all of the above! Of course, there are other things that may be top priority and may even take precedence over your career as an artist.

            But, let’s think a little different about pursuing your dreams & maybe even being able to dedicate yourself full-time without sacrificing your other priorities. In this beautiful roller coaster of life, we have the ability to take a different route or even go in reverse. But no matter which direction, you must still have the vision of your ending goal.  I know you think that you would have to literally be conditioning, developing, marketing & performing/producing your talent at least 14 hours of your 24 hour day to be fully invested in yourself as an artist. But I am here to tell you, you don’t, but you will ;) There are so many creative ways to pursue your dreams and still be productive as to developing yourself as an artist.

            Here’s the thing, you know what your good at. It doesn’t necessarily matter if you’re a writer, dancer, singer, etc. You’re good at what you do & you’re passionate about it. But, there are other areas of your chosen industry where you could involve yourself with everything that involves your talent, the entertainment industry and maybe even developing other talents? Exploring alternative ways to build your experience, network and further your career is just as vital as conditioning and marketing.

            For example, you could be an amateur female rapper, who needs a producer, studio time and marketing. So, one of the first ideas that come to my mind is to; seek employment, internship and volunteer opportunities with organizations that are conducive to a record label, entertainment publication, video production or recording studio. Being in these sort of surroundings support the goals that you have for yourself as an artist. You want to keep in mind to place yourself in atmospheres that are conducive to your goals and aspirations. Yes, it may be a different route that you didn’t intend to take. But it’s cool because you are completely surrounded by the music & entertainment industry and professionals. You will have direct access to information, resources and networking opportunities to not only learn other aspects of the industry, you’ll build relationships & obtain the opportunities you need to gain a producer, studio time, marketing… maybe even getting signed to a label J So, my point is. If life seems like it’s getting in the way of you pursuing your dreams, Get Creative! Stay positive, optimistic and know that no matter the route keep you’re ending goals in mind and you’ll win every time.

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I love this!

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Charms Talent Agency



First & foremost, let’s state some specifics about the artist to get a better understanding of whether or not having a manager is necessary. What does an Artist provide? An artist provides talent, creation & execution. Secondly, what does an artist need? An artist needs professional guidance, talent development/conditioning and marketing/awareness/exposure.

  At some point in every artist’s career they ponder as to whether or not they need a manager, or someone asks for their managers contact info while networking. At that moment, the artist may wonder, “Do I need a manager?” Well, let’s point out that the responsibility of a manager is to guide the artists’ career in the entertainment industry. This guidance includes addressing and maybe assistance in resolving personal issues that may affect the artists’ career as well as advising & counseling on all professional matters. You may be asking yourself, “What exactly, does that mean?” A talent manager is the artists’ friend, partner, confidante, investor and voice, at times and all at once. A manager is involved with the everyday to dos’ with their artist. Whether it’s implementing health & fitness coaching or problem solving real life decisions, a manager is fully involved with & invested in their client. It may seem like a bit much, but it’s vital that the artist is healthy, stress free & focused on their talent.

A manager also communicates with various entertainment & business professionals on the behalf of the artist to pursue performance and appearance opportunities to gain more exposure of the artists’ work. The artist is greatly benefited by this because it’s very professional and it shows other industry professionals that you take yourself seriously as a business. And that is a great precedence to set for any industry.

In addition, managers provide the artist with development resources to help the artist stay conditioned and fine-tuned. These resources can include but are not limited to, coaches & instructors to collaborate with & form a development regimen to keep the artist at their best. The benefit is the artist is able to develop & condition with a team tailored to that artist needs & specifications.

So, as we have just read, having a manager brings great benefit. But as an artist, if you feel you can wear both hats efficiently; there is no reason why you can’t give it a fair shot. Either way it’s a really good look to be a professional and organized business entity even as an artist while in pursuit of a successful career.


Will be an arts themed educational facility for  disadvantaged Baltimore city youth between the ages of 5-18 yrs old. Our students will be resourced to acting coaches, dance instructors, modeling & vocal coaches and design instructors. All education, instruction, development and marketing is completely sponsored resources.

The school will be a fully equipped arts and entertainment supported educational facility. The school will house state of the art studios, high end instruments, supplies & equipment and in house marketing resources. All instruction will be guided by the arts, to nourish interest of the arts & culture, to encourage creativity & innovation and 3K (futuristic) thinking & problem solving processes. 

Most importantly, having a real opportunity to pursue their biggest dreams, do what they love to do and it costs their families nothing, is a dream come true for the city’s disadvantaged.

"Charms School for Talent" will enhance the arts culture in the city, promote community involvement, enhance the city’s entertainment industry, provide jobs, drive tourism and boost our city’s local economy over all.

 With new construction, increase in positive traffic flow and an overall change in the community; this facility has the ability to reduce crime in the area as well as among the children and teens between the ages of 6-19 and even the children they know. BECAUSE BEING POSITIVE IS CONTAGIOUS!

Let’s Unite & Support the Vision! 


Ready To Go Talent:
What can I do to get my career as a singer/actress/model started? I’ve attended some local talent agents and they said they would give me a call back but I have been waiting for weeks and still haven’t gotten one. What should I do to get started in the business?

Talent Agent Nicki:
If you haven’t interviewed a talent agency that fits you yet & your talent is just lying dormant; DON’T WAIT ANY LONGER!  It’s time for you to be everything to yourself as a business. As the artist, condition your talents and continuously build your port; As your agent, market yourself online & to casting agents. Register for online resources that keep you informed on castings & auditions. Stay committed, consistent & calm.

Good Luck!

Clueless: How do I get a good agent to help me book things? Because I am clueless….

Talent Agent Nicki:
Finding the agent that’s right for you is like finding the perfect pumps for prom; you have to try a few on before you find the ones you love. Automatically, doing ample research and/or a face to face with your prospective agent can also help a great deal in your decision making. Keep in mind, unlike the glitzy prom pumps, you can request to an agent to allow a uncommitted trial period. Its keeps you flexible until you find the perfect agent for you and it also allows the agency to have an opportunity to gauge if your a good fit with their organization. Always keep in mind that the career plan that your agency creates for you takes time and dedication. So stay motivated & be patient.

 Good Luck!



First & foremost, stop giving in to anxiety when you see an opportunity away from home. There’s no need, if you’re prepared. I have a few helpful tips for your preparation. When I began pursuing my career in modeling and acting, there were opportunities for me to pursue and take advantage of, but I found that most were in other states away from my home. I didn’t want to limit myself; I had to take advantage of every opportunity. Consequently, I would find myself on the road a lot. Of course, the anxiety came and I started freaking out. I would be nervous about not getting the gig or landing the gig and choking, or my car breaking down, not having enough money to get there and back if my car is ALREADY broke down, lol! But I had no idea what it would take, what I would need and how far I would have to go to get to the opportunity. What I did know, is that I was going to get wherever I needed to share my talent, network within my industry & build my portfolio.

Because I know that these things as an artist is your priority too; I’ve put together a few tips that may be helpful along your journey.

Research weather forecasts for your specific cities, dates, times & form of travel.

If you are not working with an agent or manager, do a ridiculous amount of research on the company that has the opportunity, its officers and follow all leads. (Traveling alone should not be an option)

Be sure to do research on the specific areas for your safety, as well as convenient locations of hotels, fast food, gas stations, convenience stores, police stations & a bank.

Choose the smartest way of travel for your commute. Here are your options:

Plane or Bus- Map out distance, directions & forms of travel (local bus, taxi or walking) that you’ll need to know to get from the bus station in your arriving city to the audition location. Pack very light, this is a necessity only way of travel.

Drive-Have vehicle checked for issues, all fluids topped off, have tires checked & fill up the gas tank (Have a reserve 4x the $ amount it costs to fill your tank) Pack up car with auto emergency essentials, ex. Maps, jumper cables, flares, orange cones, two gals of water, 1st aid kit, motor oil and fix a flat. Map out directions to and from your location.

Have your state issued ID, at least 3 copies of your resume, 50 business cards & any other marketing material you may have.

Know the name, phone number, email address of the companies contact.


Peace, Love & Dreams,



Going after your dreams can be a scary but exciting time. The scary part; WHAT IF it don’t work or WHAT IF you don’t have the support you need. WHAT IF people think I’m crazy for doing this? WHAT IF I’m too young or too old? WHAT IF? WHAT IF? WHAT IF

Years ago I had a dream. I wanted to be an actress. I had this crazy idea that if I went to Los Angeles that I could make it. I had been pursuing my dreams in the DMV area and although I was landing parts in just about every audition I went on I still dreamed big. I looked at people like Jada Pinkett-Smith and Tupac who hailed from my home town and thought, if they could do it so could I. I packed up all my belongings and I left.  I went on auditions, sat in on live taping, worked at Motown Records and landed a few small roles. I had a great experience and met big name people such as Barry Gordy, Keenan Ivory Wayans and James Earl Jones. To be successful in this business you have to go for what you’re passionate about, and never live in the ‘WHAT IF’s.’

 What constitutes success? Is it the title behind your name, the number of things you’ve accomplished in this life or is it your will to go for what you want. One thing casting directors or producers will ask you, can see yourself doing anything else. If you say no, they will tell you that you should. Not that they want you to fail, but they want to see your drive to pursue your dreams. So now that you’ve made up in your mind what you want to do, you may be wondering, ‘how do I get started?’ 

Well, first and foremost, study and develop your craft. This will build the confidence you’ll need for the next step which is marketing yourself. The one thing that drives me is to never live in the land of the WHAT IF’S! I may not be all that I’ve dreamed and hope, by the way I’m still dreaming and hoping, but I can say that I did it. I went. I met some wonderful people, learned a lot of things, been some interesting places and got the chance to live the dream of acting. Don’t live your life wondering WHAT IF. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, you are the only one that have to face you every morning when there’s no one else. Go for your dreams, never give up, no matter how far they take you, no matter how young or old you are, don’t let your dreams die!

By: Lynn Bruce